We are the leading distributor of high-quality, safe skin care

We are committed to only distributing skin care ranges that meet the highest standards in ethics, combined with sustainably sourced ingredients that are safe to use and kind to the environment.


ProSkinCare Distributors is the leading distributor of specialised cosmetic products. We are working in new ways to stay ahead in the dynamic cosmetic industry and to address the diverse needs of our clients. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the brands we represent through a policy of exclusive distribution and to provide excellent customer service.


Why Choose Us?

ProSkinCare Distributors is committed to the highest standards in ethical skin care. We only distribute  safe, clean skin care that is non-toxic, free of chemicals and not tested on animals. This is what sets us apart.

Safe Ingredients

The formulations adhere to strict safety regulations and are sourced from reputable suppliers. In addition, the brands exclude all ingredients that are suspected of being harmful or that are not beneficial to the skin, including mineral oil, cyclomethicone, parabens, SD alcohols and sodium laureth sulphate.

Green Initiative

As part of our dedication to be kind to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, we recycle all material used in the transportation of raw materials, packaging and completed products. We invite you to join our initiative by returning packaging material to our distribution warehouse for recycling.

Look Good - Feel Better

The brands’ commitment to social responsibility is reflected through their support for a number of humanitarian organisations and projects. As active members of the Look Good – Feel Better foundation, they are devoted to assisting men and women to face cancer with confidence.

Clean Cosmetics

We place a premium on ethical skin care practices as part of our promise to only distribute skin care that is non-toxic to the environment, formulations that are noncarcinogenic and clean cosmetics that do not cause toxic accumulation in the body. We only offer formulations that are free of harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances and colourants.

Cruelty Free

The brands are forever against animal testing and make use of a panel of volunteers to maintain the intergrity of their products. All formulations are vegan-friendly and contain no animal derivatives.


Our loyalty to the distribution of safe, quality formulations is reflected through our support for brands who comply with the standards set out by the Cancer Association of South Africa. The brands’ sunscreens have been approved by CANSA.

We have brand consultants across Southern Africa to help you and your business grow.


We proudly distribute these brands

ProSkinCare Distributors is the exclusive distributor of the following leading brands.


Results Driven Professional Skin Care

Vitaderm is a clinical skin care system that combines the latest advances in ingredient technology with skin nutrients and phyto extracts. The multi-active formulations incorporate state-of-the-art ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glutathione, arbutin as well as protein peptides to actively renew the skin’s vitality.

This results-driven range utilises various delivery systems to ensure outstanding absorption of actives into the deeper layers of the skin, thereby visibly improving skin health.

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Trusted Care for Sensitive Skin

The Wesson Therapeutics range specialises in the care of compromised and sensitised skin conditions.

The items in the Therapeutic Range are those containing aromatic plant extracts as active ingredients. These items are utilised for the treatment of more serious afflictions such as burns, wounds and post-operative scarring.

The supportive products in the Complementary Range contain non-aromatic plant extracts and are therefore 100% fragrance-free. These formulations are ideal for the care of sensitive and allergy-prone skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. They are also perfectly suited for after-care treatment following anti-ageing procedures such as Collagen Induction Therapy, Plexr, Laser Therapy as well as Micro Dermabrasion.

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A Sense of Well-being

Spa Therapy offers aromatic, earthy and rejuvenating treatment experiences that are complemented by bespoke Take-Home Journeys centred on holistic wellness and a sense of well-being. The range includes a unique selection of signature plant-based botanical synergies blended with high-quality natural seed oils that promise to take your clients on a journey of well-being where time stands still. Customise the spa experience with our range of body conditioning items that will ensure mind, body and soul rejuvenation. Spa Therapy allows clients to continue their spa experience at home with a selection of bespoke Take-Home Journeys…
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Enhance Sporting Performance

Be at the top of your game with this range of sport formulations…

Take sporting performance to the next level with this range of warm-up and cool-down products specially formulated for sports people. The range also includes a First Aid Balm to keep you in the race following minor incidents.
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The Latest Formulations

The brands’ product development specialist continually researches the latest developments in ingredient technology and develops state-of-the-art formulations to maintain their leading position in the industry.

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Take your clients on the ultimate journey towards holistic wellness with this luxurious spa range

Spa Therapy is a luxurious spa brand that offers aromatic, earthy and rejuvenating treatment experiences centred on a sense of holistic well-being; a journey towards wellness of mind, body and soul that is inspired by the aromatic synergies of Africa. We have travelled across borders to search for the best that this continent has to offer and blended these unique, healing botanicals into our signature…

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Be all the rave this season with the NEW! Hydroxy Acid Forté; the most advanced peel treatment from Vitaderm

Vitaderm is recognised as a leader in the industry when it comes to advanced professional skin exfoliation. To maintain their leading position in the ever-evolving skin care industry, they recently announced that they would, very soon, launch their most powerful advanced peel treatment to date, the Hydroxy Acid Peel Forté.

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This is the most advanced Eye and Lip Repair serum to date from Vitaderm

itaderm is at the forefront of product innovation and the launch of the NEW! Eye & Lip Repair serum served to confirm their position as leader in the ever-evolving cosmetic industry.

We offer online training through our state of the art e-learning platform as well as seasonal workshops to stay up to date with the latest advances in the skin care industry.


Customer Feedback

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